Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA

Resource-efficient Production

Sustainable production and quality management

How can companies manufacture their products cost-effectively and sustainably? Fraunhofer IPA develops and optimizes energy-efficient production processes which are gentle on resources and meet the highest quality standards. This applies to the overall product lifecycle as well as to each phase in a product’s lifetime.

Efficiency systems

Energy-efficient and energy-flexible production systems do not only promote the energy transition in the industrial sector, they also protect the environment and create economic benefits for companies through the use of energy-efficient technologies and processes, as well as appropriate management systems.

Networked Production

Factory planning and production management

The long-term success of a factory depends on its ability to adapt to manufacturing requirements as well as continuously improve its production processes. Fraunhofer IPA makes your factories and production processes fit for the future.

DigiTools for manufacturing

“DigiTools for Manufacturing” bundles core competencies from different departments in consideration of requirements for Industrie 4.0. This enables producing products down to lot size 1 using a high flexible series production.

Intelligent Automation and Clean Manufacturing

Robot and assistive systems

The department »Robot and Assistive Systems« designs robots and automation solutions for industrial applications and service tasks. Key technologies are developed and integrated into innovative industrial robots, service robots and intelligent machines.

Ultraclean technology and micromanufacturing

We advise you on the conception, realization and start-up of equipment or even entire production facilities. Among others, we carry out research and development services in clean technology, precision assembly and dispensing technologies, digital printing technology and also layout and control.

Machine vision and signal processing

For quality assurance, automation and age assistance systems we offer consulting, research and development services from analysis to the complete solution based on our core competence, the intelligent automated interpretation of image and sensor information.

Medical Engineering and Biotechnology

Biomechatronic systems

We have made it our mission to carry out research and development that will enhance man’s mobility at the ergonomic workplace and improve medical care of the musculoskeletal system.

Laboratory automation and biomanufacturing engineering

The department develops innovative automated solutions for key issues of the future in the field of »Life Sciences« from conception right up to the validated process. Its core skills lie in liquid handling, mechanical and plant engineering, laboratory IT and automated cell and tissue culture.

Surface Engineering and Materials Science

Coating systems and painting technology

From the development of raw paint materials and paints through their application right up to the development, planning, simulation and implementation of design-for-production coating processes and equipment, the range of services offered by this department of the institute make it unique throughout Europe.


Electroplating is assuming a key position in the value chain, particularly where complex components with high requirements are concerned. As a result, electroplating is now widely used in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, printing industry and also in medical technology.

Functional materials

The department focuses on printed electronics, rapid energy storage, additive manufacturing and modern lightweight construction. It develops customized, innovative products and processes based on highly-functional nanoscale filler materials.

Manufacturing and Process Engineering

Lightweight construction technologies

Lightweight construction –the driving force behind innovation in industry: lightweight construction technologies enable high-quality materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, to be cleverly used to improve the dynamics and damping of machines, reduce energy costs and break the link between value-adding and the consumption of resources.

Production Organization

Order management and value networks

Stronger competition calls for streamlined organization, processes and IT in production and supply chain management. We develop application-orientated concepts for lean order management without compromising on flexibility and robustness.