nICLAS Lab of the future

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA

Source: Fraunhofer IPA

What is nICLAS?

With the innovation center for laboratory automation Stuttgart (nICLAS), Fraunhofer IPA has created a new institution that connects manufacturers, users and researchers in order to enable interdisciplinary exchanges, business and new developments as well as to address all challenges related to labs and bio production.


Modern laboratories are highly complex data factories. Automation can help to master the growing complexity in the Life Sciences industry and to create space for innovations. Personalized production and individualized medicine require new efficient solutions through automation and digitalization.

We want to demonstrate how adequate lab automation should be implemented in order to meet the needs of tomorrow.

nICLAS brings together all steps in one place from concept to realization and testing.

How does it work?

nICLAS offers custom made solutions:

nICLAS Academy

We offer training programs in the field of laboratory automation aimed at your young talents and experienced executives create a solid base for new innovation. Acquired expertise can immediately be applied and furthered in the nICLAS Academy.

nICLAS Reference Lab

We evaluate technologies for you and create standards through nICLAS’ own certification system. We establish new quality standards in laboratories through approved devices and validated processes. 

nICLAS Future Lab

We implement technological solutions which could well feature in your products and become the innovations of tomorrow. We will show you where the journey leads you, with a clear and consistent focus on your company’s needs!

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