Seminar  /  15.6.2020

Biointelligent Manufacturing

Due to recent developments regarding the Covid-19 situation in Europe and in particular in Germany and Italy, we feel impelled to postpone the kick-off meeting for the new ManuFUTURE subplatform on Biointelligent Manufacturing on March 12, 2020 in Stuttgart.

We deeply regret that we have to take this step, but we have decided that it is also in our responsibility to prevent further spreading of the disease and that the health of all participants is of upmost importance.

We aim to reschedule the kick-off meeting for June 2020. Please note the tentative date 15 June 2020 in your agenda. We will inform you once the date has been fixed. Meanwhile we will share further information that we have assembled in preparation of the workshop with the list of participants and interested other parties to promote ideas and developments on Biointelligent Manufacturing!

We hope that all of you will take the second chance to join the kick-off meeting in June 2020! We are very much looking forward to seeing you in early summer.

Please apologize for any inconvenience and please feel free to contact us any time, if you have further questions.





Keynote Lecture


Split up into smaller groups, Meet and Greet


Definition of work groups based on “Biointelligent Manufacturing” tasks and objectives (within groups)


Coffee Break


Identification of research areas (within groups)




Consolidation of results from group work


Open plenary discussion


Formation of working groups


Election of spokesperson for working groups


Official Closing

16:30 – 18:00

Fraunhofer IPA / Fraunhofer IGB Labtour