Seminar  /  4.2.2019  -  26.11.2019

ROS-Industrial Training

A ROS-Industrial training will take you from “zero to hero” and will consist of:


Day 1: Introduction to Linux

Days 2-4: ROS basic training (introduction; manipulation; navigation)

Day 5: Advanced ROS topics (statemachine-based programming tools; build, test, release workflow and tools).

The next edition at Fraunhofer IPA will take place:

Mo. 23.09. – Fr. 27.09.2019 (fully booked)

Mo. 18.11. – Fr. 22.11.2019 (fully booked)

More details about the curriculum can be found on our ROS-Industrial Event page or in the tentative agenda. The course language is in English but support can also be given in German and French.


Full course (days 1-5): 1.000 EUR

ROS training only (days 2-5): 900 EUR

Advanced topics only (day 5): 200 EUR

ROS-Industrial Consortium Europe full members can use their consortium benefits to register a limited number of attendees for free; all other ROS-Industrial Consortium members are eligible to 50% discount.

Registrations are being handled on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to ROS-Industrial Consortium Europe members.