Workshop  /  10/09/2019  -  10/10/2019

ROS-I EU Fall ’19 Workshop



„Tech Workshop on MoveIt!, security & skill oriented programming with ROS"

Fall edition of ROS-Industrial EU Tech Workshop will take place at Fraunhofer IPA on October 09th and 10th, 2019.

We are glad to host two European MoveIt! maintainers to give us an insight into the latest developements of MoveIt! (incorporating motion planning, manipulation, 3D perception, kinematics, control & navigation), current and planned developements for ROS2 (MoveIt2), and a hands-on on ROS(1)-based 'bare-metal to product'.

Next on day 2, Joanneum Research, ROS-Industrial Consortium member from Austria, will be demonstrating some insufficiencies of ROS(1) using a penetration testing tool ROSPenTo, developed by Joanneum. They would further walk the participants through setup and configuration of SROS2, set of tools to provide security infrastructure to ROS2.

The last session of the workshop would be jointly held by INESC TEC and Fraunhofer IPA. In the join presentation, we will present the robotics skill oriented programming tools developed within the EU project ScalABLE4.0 enabling flexibility in the production line. “

Note: Participants will be provided with USB sticks with Ubuntu and all the necessary libraries and IDEs pre-installed.

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