Seminar  /  04/09/2019

InnoFrugal Germany 2019: Lessons Learned on Smart Simplicity

A Show & Tell on How to Succeed with Entry-Level Solutions

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Entry-level solutions, also called Frugal Innovations, bridge the gap between high quality and low price with Smart Simplicity. InnoFrugal, Europe’s most renowned conference on Frugal Innovation, was first launched by the Nordic Frugal Innovation Society in Helsinki in 2015. In cooperation with the University of Cambridge and Ignitho Technologies, InnoFrugal presented its first UK edition in Manchester last year. The first German edition in 2019 is an industry-oriented event packed with practical examples and selected scientific findings. InnoFrugal Germany is organized by Fraunhofer’s Center for Frugal Products and Manufacturing Systems in Stuttgart.

Frugal Innovations succeed by

  • lowering costs,
  • restricting functionalities and
  • adjusting performance levels

to the core of what entry-level customers want and value. In addition, these solutions include a pinch of awesomeness that makes them both simple and smart. Constraints are seen as much an opportunity as a challenge that helps innovators put a clear focus on relevant features. More often than not, Frugal Innovations are sustainable from an ecological and social perspective, while they fill an obvious gap in many markets between sophisticated cutting-edge solutions and low-cost products. Renowned examples of Frugal Innovations in various industry sectors include:

  • Machine and plant engineering (paper machines by Voith Paper)
  • Consumer goods (cardboard furniture by Pappcultur)
  • Medical (chewing gum for infection diagnostics by the University of Wuerzburg)
  • Renewable energy generation (modular energy system Power-Blox 200 by Frick)
  • Environmental (WADI solar water disinfection by Helioz)
  • Transport (biogas-fueled vehicle CH4PA by Spirit Design)
  • Hospitality (Ibis Budget hotels by Accor)

InnoFrugal Germany will take a deeper look into the journeys of Frugal Innovators, promoting dialog on what it means to excel in Smart Simplicity and what it takes. The event will bring together individual inventors and companies of all sizes to present their Frugal Innovation projects. Hear what they have to say about their past successes and failures, the challenges they face and their visions of the future. A warm welcome is also extended to scientists who have gained practical insights into Frugal Innovation.

Participants arriving on the day before the event are invited to attend our Pre-Conference Dinner. The event itself will end in a casual Post-Conference Get Together with finger-food and music. For accommodation, please contact Ibis Stuttgart Centrum (in the city center) or Pullman Stuttgart Fontana (close to event location) for a special InnoFrugal rate.

Event organizers

Fraunhofer IAO, Fraunhofer IPA and Nordic Frugal Innovation Society, supported by Technische Akademie Esslingen (TAE). Fraunhofer IPA is a cooperation partner of the event. Contact person from IPA is Mr. Philipp Mößner.