Energy storage systems

At home in the market of the future

Fraunhofer IPA is active in the working fields of production organization, surface engineering, automation and process technology. Departments and business units act as operative interfaces. This results in a unique combination of expertise, knowledge and project experience. This forms the basis that allows promising future topics to be developed not only from a theoretical but also practical aspect until they are ready for the market.

Energy storage is right at the top of the list of future topics. Fraunhofer IPA offers a series of interdisciplinary services in this field. These include optimizing the production of energy management goods, developing electroplated coatings for energy technology, functionalizing nano materials and manufacturing electrodes for energy storage systems.

As an example, in the project “FastStorageBW”, companies and research institutes from the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany are collaborating under the guidance of Fraunhofer IPA to develop an energy storage system which unites the advantages of batteries and capacitors. The aim is for powercaps to have a similar performance density and fast-charging ability as supercapacitors, as well as an energy density comparable with that of conventional batteries. Experts reckon on a market potential of up to three billion euros for this new energy storage technology over the next four to six years.


What can we do for you?

Our service portfolio ranges from consulting to research and development projects in the following fields:

  • Electrode manufacture and coating
  • Automation in the manufacture and assembly of cells for batteries
  • Cleanroom manufacturing for batteries
  • Implementing energy storage systems in production
  • Conducting market analyses on energy storage systems
  • Recycling concepts for energy storage systems
  • Marketing concepts for batteries
  • Development and usage of digital tools for battery manufacture
  • Distributed battery management system
  • Factory planning and production optimization


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