Cloud connection

Solution for a machine-cloud connection

Cloud solutions are services for outsourcing IT resources (e.g. memory space, analysis software, development platform), which function by abstracting IT infrastructures accessed by a network.

Cloud services essentially aim at offering scalable, needs-based IT resources. In addition to significantly lowering the ratio between investment costs and operating costs, they also increase the availability of IT resources because these can be permanently accessed by private or public Internet.

However, in order to meet industrial requirements, new innovations are called for to replace the current method of transferring data to the cloud, which is to send data as packages rather than as a constant stream of data. The present cloud invoicing system is based on data volumes. Here, too, further innovations are needed because the protocols implemented in current practice (TCP/IP or UDP/IP) are associated with large overheads and are therefore inefficient, especially in cases where small amounts of data are transferred at high speeds.

Consequently, great interest is being shown in the development of a cost-effective solution for a machine-cloud connection that meets industrial requirements. This is where the research and development project steps in.


The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.