Readiness Check

Assessing relevance and feasibility

  • In a first step, business processes relevant to the company when integrating an Industrie 4.0 production process are identified. For each company, an assessment is made to determine which business processes are relevant during the four life cycles.
  • In a second step, a basis is developed for making decisions about implementation planning. To do this, processes identified in Step 1 are compared with standard Industrie-4.0 use cases. An assessment is made to determine which conditions have already been fulfilled as well as the organizational or technical adjustments still required in order to implement Industrie 4.0.
  • The third step is implementation planning. It is essential that the processes from the selection list are implemented step-by-step at the various production sites. Processes first need to be prioritized for migration to Industrie-4.0 concepts. As part of the overall migration process, experience gained during the various parts of the project is included in the ongoing planning and implementation intervals.