Resource Efficiency

Creating more value

Both research and industry alike concern themselves with the scarcity of resources on our planet. Sustainable manufacturing therefore calls for a change in paradigm: On the one hand, we must attain economic growth, while on the other hand avoid the consumption of more resources.  What we need is to sever the link between growth and consumption.  This can only be achieved by making processes more effective and efficient and by coupling these with “gentle manufacturing” measures.


Our activities in this field at a glance:

Together with the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP) of the University of Stuttgart, Fraunhofer IPA is working on concepts and process models for assessing and optimizing resource efficiency in companies in order to use resources efficiently without wastage.

  • Introduced in 2013, the Energy Efficiency Index indicates the status quo of energy efficiency in industry and takes a look at the future.  In cooperation with partners, EEP and Fraunhofer IPA conduct regular surveys which companies can also use as a benchmark.
  • With the project “UltraEfficient Factory in an Urban Environment”, Fraunhofer wants to make production more sustainable and efficient. Ultra efficient does not just mean minimizing the negative effects of a production facility. Rather more, the goal is for factories to contribute positively by forming a symbiosis with the environment.

All these efforts aim at optimizing the use of resources – for greater sustainability and less strain on the environment, as well as savings in a wide range of business sectors.