Industrial contract research

Work with us in various project formats. From the small project to the development partnership, everything is possible - tailored to your specific needs.

Development partnerships

By cooperating with Fraunhofer IPA in development partnerships, companies are given the opportunity to work on strategic innovation topics beyond the realms of their company structures. We focus on the aspect of value-adding in the future. Besides manufacturing technologies, we consider this as a system of different players and processes. Information technology plays a major role in this regard.

In cooperation with TRUMPF, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a demo workstation that supports employees in the automated sorting of sheet metal components:

Success story in the Business Unit "Machinery and Equipment Industry"

Feasibility studies and potential analyses

Feasibility studies are indispensable when it comes to automating processes and sequences. These minimize the risks associated with technical developments and give you the security you need to help you make decisions about upcoming investments.

Such investigations are carried out by Fraunhofer IPA for example in robotics and painting technology:

Feasibility studies Coating technology centre

Feasibility studies robotics

Optimization concepts and implementations

When it comes to optimization projects, we focus on developing integrated solutions with the aid of technological and organizational innovations. We work with you to ensure the success of your manufacturing technology and automation optimization projects.

For a production line in pharmaceutical production, Fraunhofer IPA scientists were able to increase their efficiency by ten percent with the "Smart System Optimization".

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