Drive Systems and Exoskeletons

Mobility is a basic human need. As the demographic change continues, this topic is increasingly becoming a focus of interest in science, politics and the economy. It is becoming especially important to employers to keep their workforce fit and healthy. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system are one of the main reasons for sick leave or a career change. These circumstances call for a higher number of technical assistive systems for humans in the future.

Made up of specialists from electrotechnology, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, cybernetics and software technology, the interdisciplinary development team »Drive systems and Exoskeletons« develops wearable assistive solutions in the form of prostheses, orthoses and exoskeletons. Departmental experts in ergonomics, physiotherapy, sports science and orthopedics advise the developers as they work. Our services range from initial concepts right up to validation tests:

  • Developing concepts and designing mechatronic assistive solutions for humans
  • Designing and calculating electromechanical drive systems
  • Developing and implementing innovative algorithms for control technology
  • Embedded software engineering
  • Designing and constructing signal and power electronic systems
  • Simulating and optimizing dynamic multibody systems
  • Construction and prototyping
  • Conducting tests and measurements

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