Virtual Orthopedic Lab

The relatively young field of research in (computer-assisted) biomechanics supports biomedical companies in science and research as well as in driving new applications. The “Virtual Orthopedic Lab” group aims at developing a workflow-based simulation environment for virtual product development and testing in orthopedics.

Fraunhofer IPA closely collaborates with the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence for Simulation Technology at the University of Stuttgart. The infrastructure and network provided by Fraunhofer IPA forms a strong basis that covers the many facets of interdisciplinary research in biomechanics. We supply all the necessary expertise from one source, in particular to develop virtual labs and test environments for supporting new developments in orthopedics (exoprostheses and endoprostheses) and dentistry.



A key aspect of our work is to assist with the development of biomechanical applications in dentistry. Among other things, we simulate biting forces and conduct stress tests on dental products.


Development and Virtual Testing of Prostheses

Simulated stress tests on virtual prototypes significantly shorten product development times and make them more efficient.