Paint Technology and Chemical-Physical Testing Technology

In our excellently-equipped research and testing laboratories, we can apply an unparalleled range of testing methods and procedures to paints, coating materials, pigments, binders, solvents, coatings and substrate surfaces. These are listed in our brochure on testing methods (see downloads). We also have accredited testing procedures and laboratories for selected areas.

Testing methods cover all areas of painting technology and are grouped according to the main properties of the paints, coating materials, their raw materials, coatings and surfaces, as shown below:

  • Characterization of pigments, nanoparticles, fillers and dispersions
  • Film-forming, drying and curing properties of binders and coating materials as well as the barrier properties of coatings
  • Mechanical, dynamic-mechanical and visco-elastic properties of binders and coatings
  • Thermal and calorimetric analysis techniques for binders, coating materials and coatings
  • Optical, spectroscopic and chromatographic testing methods for binders, pigments, coating materials and coatings
  • Long-term resistance and corrosion protection of coatings
  • Methods for analysing the surfaces, layers and interfaces of pigments, substrates, binders, coating materials and coatings: light- and electron microscopy techniques, FT-IR, FIB-SEM/EDX, surface tension and surface energy
  • Application-oriented facilities for manufacturing or modifying raw materials and coating materials, for applying, drying and curing coating materials, for pre-treating the surfaces of substrates, as well as for conditioning, testing or controlling the climate of samples and coatings.