Tests on Coatings and Related Systems

Expectations concerning the durability of coatings are high. Pre-treatment and painting processes need to be executed within narrow process windows and costs minimized. Coating specialists have to take these considerations into account as they find ways of processing paints reliably at low cost. The choice and use of the right testing method is crucial to success – not an easy task in view of the abundance of testing and inspection methods, norms, guidelines and in-house inspection requirements.

We differentiate between the following situations:

  1. Tests for selecting pre-treatment media, paints, processes and system components in the course of planning processes
  2. Incoming inspection processes for pre-treatment media, paints and system components when the painting facility is in operation
  3. Process and system monitoring when the painting facility is in operation
  4. Inspection of initial samples and series tests on painted components
  5. Inspection and testing technology in the event of quality problems

Fraunhofer IPA is a neutral institute that conducts application-oriented, realistic research and development work as well as providing services. Over the years, the painting technology department has continuously installed state-of-the-art equipment in its test laboratories and conducted development work.

Services provided by the test laboratory at Fraunhofer IPA include:

  • Tests to assess machines and equipment,
  • Determination of material properties and coating qualities,
  • Inspection of paint films, defects and damage analyses,
  • Optimization and development of methods for inspecting paint films and
  • Paint compatibility tests.

Within the scope of planning and optimization projects, we help you analyse and assess coating technologies and rationalization potentials:

  • Compilation of specifications
  • Coating tests
  • Specific tests on paints
  • Staff training and seminars