Coating technology centre

The IPA coating facility forms a link between industrial demands and modern scientific analysis methods. The painting line fulfils the cleanliness, climatic and airflow requirements of the automotive industry. Three painting zones equipped with robot technology are fitted with separate ventilation plants and paint application systems. The adaptable equipment they contain enables a broad spectrum of applications to be reproduced, ranging from painting small components right through to vehicles and even ships.

All types of liquid coating materials can be processed (paints containing solvents, 2-component paints, water-based paints, powder slurries, UV-curing systems, “nano-materials” and even suspensions, such as enamel slurries).

The painting line corresponds with those used in automobile industry (e.g. downdraft speed 0.1–0.5 m/s, controllable temperature and humidity).

The robots can be programmed off-line and their programs converted (by external service companies) as well as teach-in methods used. The robots are fully-equipped with process technology and can be fitted with diverse flexible lifting devices and other manipulators.

Additional mobile, modular application technologies (dispensing technology - also 2-component, process air, rotational speed control, etc.) enable the line to be adapted rapidly to the task at hand. The spectrum ranges from simple process control valves, through PLC-controlled application technology, right up to bus-capable systems.


  • Recording and evaluation of diverse application-specific parameters for process optimization purposes, as well as input values for numerical process simulation, also by means of statistical design of experiments
    • Layer thickness distribution, application efficiency, appearance, etc.
    • Particle size distribution and determination of particle velocities using laser-optical methods, visualization with high-speed cameras
    • Characterization of coating materials; parameters such as density, solids, rheology
    • Preparation of samples for in-depth technology tests
    • Primas system (Process diagnosis and management information system) for recording process parameters
  • Re-alignment of the complete coating process, inc. pre-treatment and drying
    • Use of original work pieces possible; project examples: car bodies or body parts (e.g. doors), windscreen wiping arms, engine blocks, shock absorbers, airplane interior components, television housings, crane segments, small parts such as mobile phone cases, filters, roofing tiles
    • Development of atomizers, machine components and application concepts
    • Validation of assemblies (atomizers and components, cleaning devices, etc.)
    • Feasibility studies (innovative technologies, new production processes)
    • Outlining of alternative processes, taking all relevant general constraints into account (cycle times, material and energy requirements, cost calculations, etc.)