Virtual Fort Knox

Virtual Fort Knox is a federative cloud IT platform that provides manufacturing companies with manufacturing IT services. Highly-automated integration functions enable the platform to supply secure, agile and tailored IT solutions quickly, affordably and at low risk. It enables software developers to design innovative business models in manufacturing IT, from the point of view of functions as well as costs.

Virtual Fort Knox offers extremely fine-grained individual services to companies, which allow them to flexibly compile the ideal solution they need. Manufacturing companies are thus in a position to rapidly procure affordable, adapted software services at low risk. Implementation and operating costs are cut by a factor of 10. The development time for new software functionalities is also 20 times shorter.


EASI: Cloud-based, real-time data analysis through simulation and iteration

The EASI project implements the real-time, digital Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle by integrating Virtual Fort Knox research technology and the cloud-based production simulator GDfindi via the Manufacturing Service Bus software integration service.


Lead project E³-Produktion

With its lead project E³-Produktion, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is striving to improve resource efficiency. This demands a paradigm shift from "maximum profit with minimal capital outlay" to production with "maximum added value and minimal resource consumption".