Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing IT systems are an essential part of modern production facilities. They form a link between the manufacturing equipment and the business process, executing tasks such as planning, controlling and optimizing production processes and logistic flows. In the era of Industrie 4.0, manufacturing systems are becoming increasingly modular. Integrated both vertically and horizontally, they are designed to be user-friendly and real-time-capable. This ensures that the demands placed on tomorrow’s production technology are fulfilled, such as transparency, flexibility and optimization of the production process with regard to time, costs and quality irrespective of the quantities manufactured.


IT Functionalities for Manufacturing

Tools for integrating, planning, controlling and optimizing complex manufacturing systems.


User Interfaces

The efficient implementation of manufacturing IT systems using application-oriented and intuitively-operated user interfaces.


Real-Time Capability

The exchange of information between individual manufacturing systems in real-time to exploit further improvement potentials.


Simulation Game Digitalised Production Control

In this interactive simulation game, the participants become familiar with the changes in production planning and control brought about by Industrie 4.0. They can experience these changes for themselves by assembling simple robots.


Specification and Integration

Which system do I need? The specification and integration or migration of IT systems in manufacturing environments is a major challenge.