Simulation Game Digitalised Production Control

© Fraunhofer IPA / Foto Rainer Bez

Status quo

Today’s manufacturing companies are faced with the rising demand for individual products. In the manufacturing industry, this is reflected in increasing numbers of variants with decreasing batch sizes right down to personalized products with a batch size of 1. Manual production planning and control methods are only able to meet these demands to a limited extent. This situation poses major problems for many companies without suitable digital tools. In this interactive simulation game, the participants become familiar with the changes in production planning and control brought about by Industrie 4.0. They can experience these changes for themselves by assembling simple robots.


  • Interactive simulation game with several rounds
  • Assembly of mBots (simple robots) according to different manufacturing principles
  • Encourages participation and implementation of newly-gained information



  • To understand the challenges facing manufacturers of products with high numbers of variants
  • To combine the concepts of lean production and Industrie 4.0
  • To experience the advantages of digital production planning and control


Added benefits

  • Suitable for the training and further education of employees
  • Demonstrates the principles of Industrie 4.0 by way of an interactive game
  • Increases the understanding and acceptance of Industrie 4.0
  • Serves as an introduction to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)


Target groups

  • Managing directors
  • Production managers
  • Production planners
  • Employees (machine operators, logistics, QM, assembly staff)
© Fraunhofer IPA / Photo Rainer Bez
The two production methods lean production and Industrie 4.0 are presented.
© Fraunhofer IPA / Photo Rainer Bez
The participants assemble simple robots at different stations.
© Fraunhofer IPA / Photo Rainer Bez
The participants can try out new digital tools and MES for digitalised production.

Further Information


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In cooperation with Trumpf, scientists at Fraunhofer IPA have developed a simulation game that makes employees fit for the challenges of Industrie 4.0.