Real-Time Capability

Real-Time Locating Systems

The real-time availability of information about production resources (e.g. state and location of workpiece carriers or tools) offers an enormous potential to improve efficiency in many manufacturing companies. For example, non-productive tasks, such as search times, can be significantly shortened. The location of production resources is an important step towards self-organizing production in tune with the vision of Industrie 4.0. For example, on the basis of an actual position, a transport system can be actively requested to pick up a workpiece. In order to exploit the potential of real-time locating systems, suitable technologies have to be specifically chosen for the application concerned and their integration into other manufacturing systems needs to be planned.

Real-time production data

The acquisition and analysis of production data offer major potentials to optimize numerous aspects of a production process. For example, vibrations in machine components can be used to predict when maintenance is required. Data can be gathered from machines directly or via independent sensor networks. Besides collecting data, semantic and syntactic integration with analysis and control systems is a further important aspect in order to use real-time production data effectively in specific cases.