Urban production

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Energy efficiency does not have to stop at the factory gates. For us and our clients, the term “urban production” means that professional energy-related planning goes beyond the borders of a production plant by extending the framework to include the environment in the energy optimization process. In consequence, energy efficiency is improved beyond existing production and business processes. For example, waste heat can be used to heat buildings or for plant cultivation. Via intelligent energy networks, entire green industrial parks can also become flexible prosumers. The goal is to create energy symbioses between production processes and local supply systems. Various alternatives are considered to share energy not only within a company’s own factory complex but also with the industrial, urban, suburban or countryside environment.

Our services for existing and planned production plants:

  • Feasibility studies on ways to produce and share energy between factories and the environment
  • Determination of potential energy and CO2 savings in energy networks
  • Business models for low-temperature, waste heat energy concepts (use of waste heat)
  • Energy concepts and strategies for green industrial parks
  • Business field development at the interfaces between smart grids, smart factories and smart cities


Green Wall Robot – automated, smart green facades

The "Green Wall Robot" looks after plants in places that people find hard to reach: vertical green facades. Researchers at Fraunhofer IPA and the University of Stuttgart are currently working on a modular automated system for green facades. The aim is to do away with the need for time-consuming and expensive manual maintenance.