Consulting services

One of our paramount aims is to offer comprehensive consulting services concerning all aspects of electroplating. Besides designing plants and developing layers and application processes, our conventional consulting services also include decision-making support and neutral assessments.

Investment decisions

Investment decisions are made on the basis of our extensive experience in the field of electroplating.

Manufacturing assessments

Electroplating processes are long-lasting. That is why it makes sense to verify process sequences as well as the quality of external advice. We assess your manufacturing processes to ensure that they fulfill the latest technological standards.

Supplier evaluation

We help inexperienced customers find reliable suppliers so that they can manufacture electroplated products with assured levels of quality.

Feasibility studies

There are lots of ideas and solution concepts to choose from. We carry out feasibility studies to find out what makes sense for our customers, what is already available or what first needs to be developed in order to meet individual requirements.