Failure analysis

Electroplated components become either damaged or defective during the manufacturing process - where they are recognized at the latest in the final inspection process - or during use in the field. In both cases, this can lead to machine downtimes or even a complete production standstill. As well as causing economic losses, the defective product may also represent a hazard to man and the environment.

In such cases, it is important that companies react immediately. We provide services to help our customers in these circumstances. The causes of such failures are numerous. For example, components may fail prematurely due to wear or corrosion. The usual questions posed are: what went wrong during the manufacturing process, was the layer fully adapted to operating conditions or was the failure due to incorrect usage?

This broad spectrum of causes and failures can only be evaluated with the necessary expertise and experience. In failure analysis, the electroplating process chain is considered together with plant management and implementation. A further important means of pinpointing and analyzing failures is metallographic and chemical analysis.

Material analysis

We conduct metallographic analyses in our laboratories to take a look inside defects. We usually make target preparations because these provide information in the micrometer range about the extent of defects.

Chemical analysis

We perform chemical analyses to identify tiny alterations in electroplating electrolytes which could impair deposition conditions and cause layer defects.