Plant design

Our expertise in planning electroplating systems covers both conventional immersion bath electroplating as well as special technologies, such as enclosed systems for the selective deposition of metals or tampon systems. We have in-depth knowledge of the various systems as well as of the processes carried out by them. This enables us to develop optimum technical solutions for our customers.

Plant optimization

Electroplating systems are long-term investment goods. Our extensive experience in plant design combined with our in-depth knowledge of process technology and interactions with substrates ensure that our customers receive optimum sustainable solutions.

Planning new electroplating facilities

Companies rarely have to plan completely new electroplating facilities and generally have little experience in tackling such challenges. We develop efficient technical solutions for our customers with well-designed layouts and systems. If desired, we provide support from the beginning of the project right through to the start-up of the finished installation.

Special-purpose systems

Standard electroplating systems often reach their limits when highly-specific demands are placed on them. Our expertise in the field of special-purpose systems includes the CAD-based construction of customized special-purpose systems and components.

Prototype construction

Before special-purpose systems and components can be implemented in industry, prototypes first need to be built and tested. We construct prototypes and test them either in our technical center or on-site at the customer‘s. The information gained is used to optimize the later manufacturing equipment.