Planning new electroplating facilities

Due to the longevity of electroplating systems, companies rarely have to plan completely new electroplating facilities and generally have little experience in doing so. The people responsible for making investment decisions are faced with the challenge of designing the best technical solution on their own or of having this done for them. Wrong decisions lead to unnecessary costs regarding, for example, the quantity and type of carriers and rinsing systems, bath dimensions, the design of containers and also the materials used in the construction of containers and pipes. When ordering the new equipment, it is also difficult to assess and compare quotes from a neutral standpoint.

Plant design is one of our key areas. We develop efficient technical solutions for our customers with well-designed layouts and systems. In discussions with them, we then finalize the solution, obtain quotes and compare them. As an independent partner, we always form a neutral opinion, which is of great benefit to our customers. If required, we also provide project support after the construction phase, right through to putting the finished installation into operation.