Factory construction and conversion

Are you planning to expand your factory or build a new production facility? Do you want to reassess established structures in your factory and optimize manufacturing practices in the future?

New products, new technologies, changing capacities or inacceptable factory performance (e.g. throughput times, delivery reliability, quality, productivity) are factors that often trigger a factory planning process. To find out exactly what you need, we consider the strategic requirements of your factory planning project and develop planning guidelines on the basis of a focused analysis of the factory. Together with your staff, we then design a factory optimally adapted to your requirements and conditions.

A well-planned factory offers you the following advantages:

  • Factory performance is measured by defined factory targets
  • Conflicting goals are resolved through solution-oriented collaboration with our planning experts
  • You benefit from our broad planning experience
  • Our methodical approach guarantees reliable planning results, thus avoiding the risk of planning errors
  • Integration of our interdisciplinary knowledge of factory structures and production processes
  • Consideration of factory features requiring evaluation, such as adaptability, expandability, transparency and cost-effectiveness

Our services also include 3D layout planning with the IPA Planning Table, measurements of existing buildings using a 3D laser scanning technique and visualization with 3D models. Get in touch with us!