Factory evaluation and site comparison

Do you know your factory’s weaknesses? How does your factory compare on an international level as far as productivity and cost-effectiveness are concerned? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see your chances and risks?

Is your factory located in the right place? Do you operate several production sites and have the impression that significant synergies could be exploited by bringing similar tasks together in one place? Have you decided to open a new site and are unsure which areas of production should be transferred there?

You can only be certain that a product is being manufactured in the right place if your factory has been assessed from top to bottom. In addition to a cost scheme to evaluate profitability, qualitative site criteria such as proximity to the customer or market, regional employment market, infrastructure and supply as well as general legal requirements also need to be taken into account.

For reasons of methodology, we conduct a detailed site comparison to reach this highly complex decision about the best location. A clear decision on the choice of site can only be made after making a comparison of the various site alternatives. A key aspect in this regard is restructuring the production layout. This means segmenting the various sites and organizing the respective order management processes appropriately.

Factory evaluation offers you the following advantages:

  • Objective and thorough assessment of a factory’s strengths and costs from an external perspective
  • We do not attempt to compare apples with oranges: the basis for making a comparison between an existing factory with a new one at the intended location is not the established factory structure but rather an optimized situation at the current site
  • Improved risk assessment by including all aspects relevant to the location.