Factory layout development

Are you anticipating major changes, either related to growth or consolidation? Are your production plants and warehouses full to bursting? How should your factory develop in the mid- and long-term? Do you feel that your factory grounds are poorly organized?

The aim of planning factory structures is to give your factory a clear layout. Functional units need to be formed and optimally positioned in the factory, taking company-specific constraints into account. The factory should also be developed according to urban planning criteria. In addition to assessing the actual building, the requirements of the various functional structures, such as space requirements, utilities or environmental impact, also have to be considered in the factory planning process.

We work out scenarios to make sure your factory structure stays fit for the future and draw up a mid- to long-term plan for factory development. Key aspects include the development of your product range as well as the relevant production technologies.

Developing your factory layout with a view to future requirements offers you the following advantages:

  • Better factory development and a clear factory structure
  • Current changes are orientated towards future requirements so that no options will be blocked.