Planning validation

Have you started a factory planning task and are not sure whether the planning results reflect the best possible solution? Have you thought of everything? Have your replanning efforts reached a deadlock due to conflicting goals and it looks like your project is not going to be finished on time?

Two pairs of eyes see better than one: you often need an outside opinion in order to identify planning deficiencies. With new ideas, aspects can now be included that had previously been ignored in the planning strategy. This enables planning errors to be recognized in time and deadlocked planning processes to be successfully completed.

Within the scope of workshops with your planning engineers, our experienced experts take a critical look at your current planning situation. They assess general constraints and requirements and also discuss the reasons behind the planning results. The aim of the workshop is to get our planning experts involved as quickly as possible in order to identify any unsolved issues or potentials for improvement. These are then evaluated and solved with the aid of factory planning methods.

Planning validation offers you the following advantages:

  • Reliable results through the avoidance of planning errors
  • Conflicting goals are ironed out through solution-orientated collaboration with our planning experts
  • Integration of our interdisciplinary knowledge of factory structures and production processes
  • The benefit of our extensive planning experience