Space optimization

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Is your factory about to burst without any sign of relief through a factory extension? Are new products supposed to fit into the existing production area?

You are faced with the challenge of increasing your productivity per square meter without any major changes being made to the production process. Although you have identified space-saving potentials, the chances of success are unlikely unless you do bring in outside help. We work together with your staff to apply ten tried and tested lean planning principles, developing and evaluating optimization measures adapted to your situation. Examples of these principles include:

  • Planning from the inside to the outside
  • Supplying two production areas with one logistics pathway
  • Strict blocking of non-planned areas

An optimized factory layout offers you the following advantages:

  • Factory workers become more aware of the effective use of space through learning about practice-orientated design guidelines for optimum space utilization
  • Increased turnover with the same space requirement
  • Space-optimized layout for lean production processes
  • Additional savings through more efficient logistics processes