Planning Production Strategies

Secure, sustainable company success and market success with production strategies

Rising pressure from the competition and rapidly-changing market conditions are forcing many companies to optimize or restructure their production and factories. Complex change processes heading towards future states are often mismatched with actual market needs. The advantage of a manufacturing strategy is the ability to obtain a detailed overview of long-term goals for the production. As a result, investments and structural changes are not based purely on costs and experience. Initiatives are based on strategic decisions derived from customer, consumer und economic needs. A manufacturing strategy enables you to define clear objectives which determine your market and manufacturing expertise in creating a lean value-adding system.

We help you design your manufacturing strategy and provide you with a holistic planning method. We look carefully at all the areas of factory organization and manufacturing. After analyzing and assessing the performance requirements of your production, we go on to develop possible courses of action.

The chosen strategy is then transferred to a production concept for later projects. With our consulting expertise in mapping and designing value streams as well as in planning factories and manufacturing systems, we support your production optimization all the way - from development of the strategy right through to its implementation.

Identification of Performance Requirements and Potentials

We compare your production potential with future market demands. In order to ascertain the development of piece numbers and longer term capacities as well as sudden changes in the product range and costs, we take a close look at your process and product maturity, sales structure and internal expertise.

Development of Target Systems

Based on your corporate and competitive strategies, we formulate strategic production goals with the aim of extending or preserving your manufacturing know-how over the competition.

Derivation of Potential Measures

We compare future targets with your current performance to find out the operative and strategic measures necessary to achieve them. Based on these measures, we then develop a production concept for use in subsequent projects.