Lean Production Systems

Do you know the best technical and organizational solution for your production? Have you implemented appropriate standardization measures for your processes and workflows? Would you like to classify your best practice solutions and ensure that they are implemented in your factory? Do you have a clear overview of productivity and other key figures?

All standardized methods requiring implementation in the factory are fixed in the production system. Logistical and organizational decisions are made as well as technological decisions. Since these have a major impact on a factory’s performance, a production system also reflects corporate culture. For this reason, the well-known Toyota production system makes an excellent basis for ideas but is not suitable as a master copy.

The most important aspect of a production system is the way it is organized, i.e. its general structure as well as the design of individual company-specific elements. The production system developed at Fraunhofer IPA focuses on five areas of activity:

  1. Standardization methods to ensure that the best solution is implemented to increase cost-effectiveness
  2. Principles of value stream mapping and design to organize logistics and speed up the production process
  3. Rules for designing a robust production process to improve quality and reliability
  4. Visualization of key figures to aid production control
  5. Continuous improvement processes to enable a factory to consistently fulfill changing demands

Implementing a production system offers you the following advantages:

  • Distribution and enforcement of best practice solutions throughout the whole factory
  • Usage of a key figure system to enable targeted production control
  • Implementation of organizational requirements to continuously improve factory performance