Value Stream Management

Would you like a lean production process? Do you have a complex product, high-level production and consequently a complex production process? Do you want to be able to implement the principles of lean manufacturing in your factory despite this? Would you like to change from cumbersome push control to lean and flexible value stream management?

Production optimization aims at a consistent flow-oriented approach. This can be reliably achieved by systematically applying the ten design principles of value stream mapping and design. This is a particular challenge when it comes to complex cases, such as piece production, production with design modifications or high-mix production with long setup times. For this reason, Fraunhofer IPA has developed the procedure of value stream management, which supplements the method of value stream mapping and design with extra modules. The modules include smooth production control, sequencing according to multi-step restrictions and production control with a continuously-adapted Kanban system.

By applying distinctive design features of the material flow and information flow that are specific to the value stream, simple solution principles can also be developed for complex production processes. These especially include deriving clear and simple rules for order authorization and production control.

Value stream management offers you the following advantages:

  • Shorter throughput times through lower rolling stocks
  • High adherence to delivery schedules due to clear, transparent processes
  • Optimal adaption of production to dynamic environmental conditions
  • Simple, understandable flow of information and materials
  • Less effort required to fulfill customer demands
  • Consistent implementation of lean principles in production control