The department “Machine Vision and Signal Processing” plans, develops and constructs customized automation solutions and special-purpose inspection machines. Our services range from consulting and feasibility studies, through complete automated measuring and testing devices, right up to machine vision applications for automated component handling (e.g. bin-picking).

In collaboration with our customers, we develop the process flow right up to implementation of the automation solution. The work steps of construction, quality assurance (FMEA, QFD), procurement, assembly and commissioning are carried out professionally in a closely coordinated manner. The finished systems are shipped at standard industrial conditions, naturally in compliance with relevant machine guidelines and including a CE label.

Drawing on our fundamental knowledge of physics and methodical development expertise, we are in a position to offer our customers innovative end-to-end development services.

We offer:

  • Consulting on process-integrated quality assurance issues
  • Elaboration of measuring and inspection concepts for non-destructive testing methods
  • Industrial implementation of inspection tasks
  • Implementation of automation solutions for component feeding and handling processes
  • CE-conform machine and equipment design

Ultrasound Inspection Systems

In railway engineering, high quality demands are placed on the manufacture and maintenance of wheels and shafts. These can only be met using highly-automated inspection techniques. The department “Machine Vision and Signal Processing” develops and implements ultrasound testing systems tailored to customer requirements.


Using High Altitude Winds

In order to use high altitude winds to generate energy on the basis of stunt kites, automated handling systems capable of withstanding severe strain and handling long lengths of rope are required. Fraunhofer IPA develops kite robots in cooperation with industrial partners.



“Bin-picking” and “line-picking” are flexible and compact alternative methods for handling and feeding components between production steps – i.e. picking up components directly out of a container or from a conveyor by robot.