X-ray computer tomography (CT) is a tool used in modern quality assurance. A non-destructive technology, it is capable of generating images of a component within a short space of time. In the process, the component is fully digitized. This means that all internal and external geometries as well as all structures inside the material are visualized.

Fraunhofer IPA offers the following computer tomography services:

  • X-ray analysis (radiographic images)
  • Full 3D object digitization
  • Data analysis for evaluating materials (cavities, cracks, foreign materials)
  • Wall thickness tests
  • Curvature analysis
  • Highly-accurate measurement of complete components
  • Comparison of CT measurement data from the real component with the CAD model
  • Surface extraction (generation of STL data)
  • In-house software development, in particular for metrology and voxel data-processing
  • Advice on all issues related to CT technology, including process analysis, requirements analysis, as well as support with choosing and comparing devices and selecting suitable analysis software.