Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Smart Home

© Fraunhofer IPA

The demographic change in Germany and other industrial nations is leading to an ever-older population involving new challenges regarding safety and social services. Technical solutions based on different sensor and actuator technologies, which can be integrated discreetly into the home environment, are needed to provide assistance, security and comfort in everyday life. These will enable elderly people to live independently in familiar surroundings for longer, while allaying their fears about falls or emergency situations, which might otherwise be detected too late or even not at all. There is also a demand for modern aids based on sensor and visualization technology to assist with everyday chores and routines.

In the department “Machine Vision and Signal Processing”, a comprehensive assistive system adapted to individual needs is currently under development. It is capable, for example, of automatically watching over a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing like a personal “patron”, of helping with everyday tasks and initiating any necessary assistance measures.

A “needs analyzer” has been specifically designed for this which automatically configures a smart home system tailored to a person’s individual needs based on a questionnaire compiled with experts.