Data Fusion in the Work Environment

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In almost all areas of industry and manufacturing, there is a need to detect objects and people reliably. The demand for a functional and reliable solution to locate and detect workers is huge, whether it is for safety reasons (e.g. human-robot collaboration), for quality assurance and documentation of production processes, or to digitize the work environment (e.g. digital shadow). Care is taken to select the optical sensor technology best-suited to the task at hand. However, the person or object to be detected possesses numerous features, and the chosen system is only capable of detecting some of them. To detect and analyze features reliably and comprehensively, different optical systems are combined and fused. This is achieved in a simple and modular way by combining various optical systems to match requirements. Data fusion intelligently merges the results to detect the respective features of people and objects effectively and reliably.


MonSiKo: an adaptive assistance system simplifies assembly in Industrie 4.0 processes

The project “Adaptive assembly assistance and interaction system using 3-D scene analysis and intuitive man-machine communication”, abbreviated from the German to “MonSiKo”, focused on aiding assembly processes through the use of modern sensor and communication technologies.