Intuitive programming of assembly tasks


To program a robot using the programming tools supplied by the robot manufacturer not only requires in-depth programming knowledge but also experience in operating robots. Especially in assemblies with high product diversity, robots have to be re-programmed frequently.


We develop intuitive programming methods and user interfaces that enable you to program assembly tasks quickly and easily. User interfaces have the following functions:

  • Input of a process sequence into a robot program using drag-and-drop functional modules, e.g. to move the robot or carry out riveting tasks
  • Teaching of assembly positions via hand-guidance of the robot, selection of assembly positions from a component’s CAD model, marking of assembly positions e.g. in a live camera image, etc.
  • Definition of complex force-controlled joining movements with the aid of geometric relationships in a graphic programming environment

Advantages of fast, intuitive programming

Automating processes with industrial robots frequently involves time-consuming, complex programming steps. Especially where small batch sizes are concerned, the programming time required slows down a plant’s productivity. Similarly, the entry barriers to this technology are considerable because staff first need to be trained and gain some experience. Innovative programming methods allow industrial robots to be programmed intuitively and rapidly. A programming step as such is no longer necessary.

Especially for inexperienced users, this has significant advantages as far as time is concerned because it speeds up the process between learning to use the system and being able to operate it productively.

Sample applications


  • Riveting applications
  • Diverse joining processes
  • Screwing couplings onto a shaft