Driver assistance and autonomous driving

General information

For many years now, Fraunhofer IPA has been concerned with the development of mobile robots which use sensors to recognize the environment, thus enabling them to navigate autonomously. We are implementing these technologies more and more in the automotive sector.

Our main focus is on prediction-based systems capable of planning their own navigation on the basis of information from other mobile systems. In robotics, information can either be exchanged directly and locally between two systems or, in the future, via a central control unit. This unit will bundle information from all the systems to create an overall image. For road vehicles, this is known as Car2Car or Car2X.

Both in robotics and in the automotive sector, similar problems need to be solved. These include self-localization, reconstruction of the environment by merging sensor data, as well as path-planning and path control according to the information analyzed. We see predictive methods as being a key technology not only for autonomous systems but also for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.

Expertise and sample projects

Fraunhofer IPA focuses closely on current and future mobility issues. It is a competent partner that helps automotive enterprises and associated supplier companies alike to develop ground-breaking solutions.

You can benefit from our know-how and technologies in the following areas:

  • High-accuracy sensor technology in adapted experimental setups as a benchmark for ADAS sensors (e.g. laser trackers)
  • Use of robot systems for repeating experiments identically under realistic conditions (e.g. cable driven robots)
  • Transfer of robot technologies to driver assistance systems within the context of your application

In collaboration with an automotive supplier company, we have developed a driver assistance system from the planning phase, through readiness for production, to monitor blind spots. In the project »AFKAR«, we are working on electric vehicles independently traveling short distances and then driving themselves to the charging station.


To help you developing your customized solution, we are an independent and competent partner offering the following services:

  • Support in the development, testing and optimization of driver assistance systems
  • Planning of test drives with statistical analysis and preparation of recorded data
  • Consulting and assistance on the use of alternative software frameworks such as ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Methods for generating dynamic environment models from different data sources
  • Simulation tools