Calibration of robot systems and special-purpose machines


In order to successfully implement robot systems as automation solutions in industry, two key aspects requiring consideration are accuracy and cost. Software-based compensation methods improve the accuracy of robots and special-purpose machines at a much lower cost than by making constructional modifications. As an independent and experienced institute, Fraunhofer IPA helps you reassess accuracy requirements and, where applicable, implement them more effectively.


  • Measurement and analysis of robot systems and special-purpose machines using a high-accuracy laser tracking system from Leica (also for large machines > 10 m)
  • Modeling and simulation of serial and parallel robots
  • Calibration and software-based compensation of machine inaccuracies (online or off-line)
  • Integration of robot models into the control system
  • Assessment of savings potentials in the planning phase

Technologies and innovations

In the near future, the demand for high-accuracy automation solutions in areas of industry, such as handling and manufacturing, will continue to rise. At the same time, cost-saving measures will be necessary. As the prices of powerful computer systems go down, highly-complex robot systems are now being modeled and simulated in realtime. As a result, cost-intensive hardware can often be replaced by software solutions.


The more accurately a system functions, the more faultlessly and better quality the end-product will be. Fraunhofer IPA implements relatively low cost methods to significantly improve your automation solution.

Sample applications

  • Hand-eye calibration for camera-assisted robot applications
  • Model-driven compensation for serial articulated-arm robots
  • Measurement, modeling and calibration of parallel kinematics
  • Cost optimization during the planning phase of robot systems