Accurate object recognition and tolerance identification

Besides accurate production systems, path-controlled robot processes such as path welding or milling also require precise information about the product to be manufactured. If robot programs are to be generated automatically or fixed mounts for holding the product dispensed with, in order to achieve a high standard the exact position of the product must be detected before starting a process. The robot system also has to recognize component tolerances, such as gaps in welding seams or modified lengths in milling processes, in order to automate robot programming without having to make time-consuming manual corrections.


Fraunhofer IPA provides the following services to assist you with your application:

  • Manufacturer-independent analysis of your requirement and development of robot systems
  • Identification of component features, e.g. tolerances, from sensor data and modification of robot motion paths
  • Integration of software and hardware components for high-accuracy object recognition and tolerance identification of the product
  • Automatic quality assessment before and after robot processes


Fraunhofer IPA develops methods, technologies, components and software modules to improve the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of continuous-path processes with industrial robots.

  • Software robot referencing for the accurate automated detection of component positions in 3D
  • Software for the precise recognition of geometric component tolerances to enable robot programs to be modified automatically
  • Methods for analyzing and post-processing component data to recognize tolerances


By incorporating component tolerances and modifying robot programs accordingly, numerous advantages can be achieved:

  • Enhanced product quality
  • Use of robots despite highly-fluctuating component tolerances
  • Potential to implement robots even in manufacturing processes that were not automated in the past due to high accuracy requirements
  • Cost-effective automation solutions, even for small batch sizes, through the automatic modification of robot programs to changing component positions and geometries

Sample projects

  • Accurate automated deburring of turbine components
  • Intelligent welding assistive robot “CoWeldRob” with automatic 3D component localization and program modification

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