Automatic path-planning and program generation

Being able to program industrial robots flexibly, efficiently and accurately: automated path-planning and program generation offer an enormous potential to reduce programming efforts and speed up continuous-path processes, e.g. welding and machining tasks.


  • Analysis of your requirements, development and implementation of automated path-planning and program generation for your robot cell
  • Design, development and implementation of models, methods and algorithms for automated path-planning and program generation in robot processes (e.g. welding, deburring, rounding and boring)
  • Realization and implementation of systems in collaboration with systems integrators
  • Measurement, evaluation and optimization of existing systems with regard to path-planning and program generation in robot processes


Fraunhofer IPA develops software modules, models and components to improve the accuracy, adaptability, efficiency and thus cost-effectiveness of industrial robot processes and path generation.

  • Algorithms and software for automated, application-specific path-planning for use in industry
  • Software for generating programs for robot systems quickly and accurately
  • Technologies for accurately calibrating robot cell models with the real robot cell
  • Process-adapted models for generating application-specific programs tailored to your needs
  • Solutions for pre-processing workpieces models for automatic path-planning


The mechanical adaptability, precision and repeat accuracy of robots offer enormous potentials to increase efficiency in industrial productions. However, the amount of programming effort required often means that these potentials cannot be fully exploited. This is where automated path-planning and program generation come into play. They improve the speed, accuracy and adaptability of industrial robot processes, such as component machining, deburring or path-welding tasks.

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Reference project


Software RobotKit: Automated work piece localization and program generation for robotic welding