High-speed video analyses

In state-of-the-art production facilities, the sensory capacity of the human eye soon reaches its limits – especially in cases where complex processes are carried out within a few milliseconds. However, that doesn’t prevent process errors from occurring, and these often have hidden potentials for optimization. With the aid of a high-speed camera, processes such as the movements of a highly-dynamic handling system can be visualized. Even tiny details become visible, such as chipping behavior during metal-processing steps.

For several years now, Fraunhofer IPA has been successfully implementing this technology to analyze highly-complex gripping processes, and offers individual, high-speed recordings on-site at the customer’s.


  • High-speed cameras and accessory equipment for individual requirements in research, development and production; for recordings with a resolution of up to 1024 x 1024 pixels of 3600 pictures per second and, with a minimized resolution, of up to 500,000 pictures per second
  • Analysis and evaluation software (e.g. accelerations or vibrations)

Recordings can also be carried out at short notice on arrangement. We’d be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.