Management of complex information

The density of information in manufacturing and laboratory environments is increasing, both from the aspects of complexity and dependencies. To provide workers with optimum support while carrying out their tasks, we develop solutions at different levels to reduce the complexity of information. At the same time, the representation and provision of the necessary data is also simplified. The following topics give an overview of concepts and current projects we are working, including the ideas behind them:

  • Mobile devices for interactive implementation in production
    Provision of information and process sequences to the user depending on the situation and person concerned. New methods are also being developed to enable interaction with systems (or system components) and with other people. Examples include failure analyses, maintenance and safety inspections
  • Assistive systems in cleanrooms and laboratory environments
    These systems help the worker with his daily tasks and ease the load as he carries out routine jobs or records and searches for test data. At the same time, processes are made transparent both for the project manager and for the customer. The focus is on contamination-sensitive environments, in which paper, for example, is gradually being eliminated as a writing material.
  • Software for configuring and controlling small equipment clusters
    Being able to adjust machine parameter settings and material flows between one machine and another without the need for programming knowledge – that’s the aim we have set ourselves. Additionally, graphic analyses and adjustments independent of the underlying hardware are possible.
  • Smart components
    The basis of an efficient as well as knowledge- and information-based production facility is formed by components that are able to give detailed information about their status and capacities on request. The data needed for this is often already existent but not recorded or aggregated in sufficient detail to till now.