Ultraclean technology and micromanufacturing

We’ve been carrying out research on clean and ultra-clean working environments for over 30 years. Our expertise results not only to international standards but also in binding norms. We also have the world’s cleanest cleanroom at our disposal. It’s at least ten times cleaner than the quality demanded by the air cleanliness class of ISO 1. This means that a maximum of one particle no bigger than 0.1 micrometer in size may be present in one cubic meter of air. Ideal conditions for a reference cleanroom. Under these conditions and in an area totaling around 250 square meters (ISO 1), we carry out contamination control tests, even on really heavy components. In the cleanroom, we examine all the relevant manufacturing aspects for contamination-sensitive industries and products. In total, our cleanrooms have a surface area of over 500 square meters  – approx. 250 square meters of which are ISO 1 and about 250 m² ISO 5 and better. We advise our customers on issues ranging from conception through realization up to the ramp-up of systems or even complete production facilities.


Cleanliness technology

Our activities range from planning complete cleanliness laboratories and cleanrooms to issues such as metrology and cleaning technology, the certification of cleanliness-suitable equipment, components and materials, as well as specific offers concerning biological cleanliness or technical cleanliness in the automotive industry.


Precision assembly and application technologies

Where conventional processes reach their limits: singularization, magazining, transport, storage, feeding and bonding - one of the principle assembly and joining techniques - in ever-increasing degrees of precision and functionalization.


Clean Automation Technology

Efficient manufacturing – that means good planning and continuous optimization. In order to achieve this, complex knowledge- and information-based systems, aggregated machine data, operator interaction and specific solutions for the automated handling of fragile substrates are essential.

Fraunhofer IPA - Ultraclean Technology and Micromanufacturing