Biotech and Pharma

A profound understanding of cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry – which together pave the way for system biology – has led to an enormous knowledge growth and also to new applications in modern biotechnology in recent years. In many branches of industry, whether they are concerned with the treatment of diseases, the sustained synthesis of major raw materials or with energy production, biotechnological solutions provide the answers to many key issues in today’s society.

Laboratory automation accounts for a large part of this knowledge growth. Without high-throughput processes in large-scale screening systems, without the latest automated analysis devices and without reproducible cost-effective process sequences, biotechnology is often unable to advance beyond the level of basic research. It is equally important for biotechnology products, such as cell therapy medicinal products, to be manufactured profitably and efficiently and with high standards of quality. In collaboration with their customers, the experts at Fraunhofer IPA tackle the challenge of the “living workpiece” in the following areas:

Automated Cell and Tissue Culture

In this area, we offer services ranging from drafting the product concept to supplying the turnkey solution. For process steps that were considered as being impossible to automate until now, we also develop robust practicable solutions for automated cell production for use in cell therapy medicinal products and tissue engineering.

Drug discovery

Fraunhofer IPA is an independent provider of innovative automation solutions for “high-throughput screening” (HTS) and “ultra-high-throughput screening” (uHTS); it implements modular concepts based on proven technologies that are supplemented by innovative special components resulting from a wide range of research projects carried out over recent years. The services we offer range from feasibility studies through the development of technologies to complete turnkey screening facilities.

API Production

At Fraunhofer IPA, entire departments concern themselves with the topic of risk assessment (FMEA) and with cleanliness and hygiene concepts. To tackle highly-regulated tasks in the field of automated Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Production (G(A)MP, FDA), we work together with our experts on automation and liquid handling to help you with the planning, design, construction and qualification of such systems.

In vitro diagnostics

We provide support in product development and product testing, or work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop concepts for the individual device and equipment solutions they need for their processes. We have made it our goal to develop adaptable, efficient and affordable automation solutions together with our customers that will still be meeting requirements 10 years from now or require little effort to be extended or retrofitted.

Technology development for modern bioproduction

In bioproduction, we tackle important cross-sectoral tasks concerned with production planning as well as with development and quality assurance in compliance with G(A)MP.