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Keynote Speakerinnen und Speaker

Jörg Burzer

Mercedes-Benz AG Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG, Production and Supply Chain

Factory 56 - Future meets Production

In his keynote, Jörg Burzer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG for Production and Supply Chain, talks about the production of the future at Mercedes-Benz Cars, focusing in particular on the topics of flexibility, sustainability, efficiency, digitalisation and people.

Prof. Ing., D.Sc.

Soumaya Yacout

Professor at the Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Intelligent Applications for Industry 4.0, Maintenance 4.0, and Quality 4.0

Despite the fact that infrastructural industry 4.0-prerequisites and technologies are known and available, the actual implementation is yet to come. In this keynote, we highlight the importance of the value-added and innovative applications that use the Industry 4.0 platform. We present our platforms for intelligent and autonomous real-time and online production planning, scheduling and dispatching, for autonomous maintenance 4.0, and for quality assurance 4.0. We build digital twins that will provide real-time information on systems’, equipments’, and products’ states.

Rainer Brehm

Siemens AG, Digital Industries - CEO Factory Automation

Digital Enterprise - Partnering for the next step

In this keynote, Rainer Brehm, CEO Factory Automation Siemens AG, talks about the future of production. Speed is getting more and more important with focus on the three main levers integration of OT and IT, simulation and digital optimization and highly flexible manufacturing systems. A seamless tool chain for a digital optimized engineering with virtual commissioning allow fast product modifications. New technologies as artificial intelligence and open edge ecosystems enable autonomous production and new business models.

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Thomas Bauernhansl

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA Director

Automating the Automation

The keynote focuses on customer-centered end-to-end-processes in automated manufacturing. In analogy to the customer journey in marketing, a deep dive into the production journey will consider potentials for process simplification, elimination or automation within digitized manufacturing tool-chains. The presentation aims at highlighting cross-technological approaches in automation engineering, such as process mining for OEE optimization, automated layout generation, task scheduling and resource allocation as well as smart services for decision support. The keynote will conclude with already implemented and currently intended technological use-cases at Fraunhofer IPA.

Speakerinnen und Speaker des Fraunhofer IPA

Can Kaymakc

About the person

Can Kaymakci has been working as a research associate in the Industrial Energy Systems Department at Fraunhofer IPA since January 2020.


In the group Energy Flexible Production and Energy Data Analysis he is involved in research and industrial projects using  AI and Machine Learning for energy data. His current research topic is the synchronization of industrial energy demand and energy supply using demand side management.


In his contribution to SCAP he talks about an extended process model for modeling energy flexibility in industry.

Christian Schneider

About the person

Christian Schneider has been working as a scientific assistant in the Department of Industrial Energy Systems at Fraunhofer IPA since 2017. Among others, his fields of activity in the working group Smart Energy in Production include optimizing energy efficiency measures, smart compressed air systems and services for decarbonizing industry.


In his talk at SCAP, he presents a method for “Automated Hardware Upgrades”. The term describes a smart service for investments made by manufacturing companies to replace machines or system components. The idea of the project centers around automated Life Cycle Costing (LCC) based on production data and a digital twin of the machine, which automatically recommends “hardware upgrades”.

Christian Fries

About the person

Christian Fries has been working as a research assistant in the Factory Planning and Production Management department at Fraunhofer IPA since November 2018. In research and industrial projects, he deals with topics related to production, logistics, factory planning and production planning and control.


In his contribution to SCAP, he presents a new production concept, the "Fluid Production System (FPS)". Within the FPS, production and logistics processes are continuously evaluated and reconfigured in order to adapt the functionality of these processes to the actual requirements. This avoids waste and increases efficiency.

Daniel Ranke

About the person

Daniel Ranke started in 2018, after studying industrial engineering and management in Karlsruhe, as a research assistant in the field of production and assembly system planning. In research and industry projects he is involved in the planning of assembly and logistics systems, integration of automation solutions and process optimization. The current focus of his research activities is the topic of material supply in matrix manufacturing systems, which partly solves the paradigm of multi-variant production.


In his lecture, he examines the suitability of current material supply strategies for use in the matrix manufacturing system.

Manuel Fechter

About the person

Manuel Fechter is head of the business unit Automotive at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart. After studying mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Mr. Fechter started his doctorate with a research focus on hybrid assembly systems and an emphasis on the optimized allocation of resources among humans and robots.


Since 2014, Mr. Fechter has been working in the field of production research at ARENA2036 - Europe's largest research and innovation campus with a focus on mobility. Since 2018, he has been leading research activities in Fluid Vehicle Production to create a new, human-centered manufacturing system that proactively addresses the requirements imposed by the transformation of the automotive industry.

Manuel Kaufmann

About the person

Manuel Kaufmann is a mechanical engineer who has been working in the field of 3D data processing at Fraunhofer IPA since 2018. His fields of interest include dimensional metrology and smart data evaluation methods. With the aid of modern measurement techniques such as industrial computed tomography and new algorithm approaches from the field of artificial intelligence, our group is researching into ways of making production measurably more efficient and robust.

Marius Moosmann

About the person

Marius Moosmann received his B.Eng. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen and his M.Sc. degree in technology management from University Stuttgart. During his studies, he focussed on automation engineering and production technology. Since 2019 he is a research associate in the robotics department at Fraunhofer IPA focusing his research topic on bin picking and parts which are difficult to handle such as entanglements during the handling process. Marius is a senior associate concerning industrial robot programming and safety.


 In his lecture he talks about chllenges in bin picking. In many random bin picking applications, entanglements which cause the robot to pick multiple parts can be a problem. This paper proposes a method to separate entangled workpiece situations by machine learning guided robot movements.

Michael Trierweiler

About the person

Michael Trierweiler has been working as a research assistant at Fraunhofer IPA in the Department of Factory Planning and Production Management since July 2018.
Among other things, the focus of his work in the group Assembly Planning and Data-Driven Optimization, is on introducing so-called matrix-structured manufacturing systems in industrial assembly lines.

In his speech at SCAP, he talks about an approach to reconfigure the production resources of these systems in order to minimize waste and increase efficiency.

Nico Güttler

About the person

Nico Güttler is a research associate in the department of coating system and painting technology in the field of wet application and simulation technology. As a process engineer he is focusing on model development in numerical painting simulations in combination with machine learning to optimize painting processes.


In his paper he presents a self-programming painting cell »SelfPaint«, which was developed in a joint project of the Fraunhofer Institutes IPA, ITWM and FCC. This cyber-physical system is based on 3D scanning, multi-physical painting simulations and a contactless film thickness measurement system to automatically generate painting paths.

Susann Kärcher

About the person

Susann Kärcher has been a scientist at Fraunhofer IPA in the Department of Factory Planning and Production Management since 2014. She is deputy head of the working group Assembly Planning and Data Driven Assembly Optimization.

At SCAP, she will be presenting a method for the automated generation of an assembly process plan. Solutions from assembly workers to assemble a product are combined to derive a best practice. In this context, best practice means the assembly process with the shortest possible assembly time.

Usman Muhammad Khalid

About the person

Usman Muhammad Khalid has been working at Fraunhofer IPA for almost two and half years as Research Associate. He is passionate about Robotics and latest trend in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. His work is related to the software development for bin picking robot.


His speech is about the automatic configuration for bin picking robot. He will cover all technical aspects related to the automatic grasp generation which is very useful for robots in kitting and flexible picking applications.