Battery manufacture

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Battery manufacture is a core topic at Fraunhofer IPA. The focus is on developing and conducting research into practical solutions for manufacturing batteries and capacitors (caps) in the future.

The main work is on technologies for manufacturing electrode materials and applying them to collectors. In the field of cell assembly, our work concentrates on handling, automation solutions and technical cleanliness. We also develop digital tools as systematic solutions for the complete production process to optimize processes from an economical and technical point of view.

When it comes to transferring new storage concepts from our technical center to industrial production, we gave to overcome major technical and economic challenges. We offer our customers individual system solutions tailored to their specific requirements. This minimizes their costs and optimizes resource efficiency.


Area of expertise and services “Manufacturing Engineering”·       

  • Coating and manufacturing electrodes.
  • Developing automation solutions for cell assembly
  • Developing IT functionalities for production control and production optimization.


Area of expertise and services “Production planning”·        

  • Drawing up planning documents for plant structures right up to planning layouts
  • Conducting technical risk analyses of the production plant up through to the supplier chain
  • Planning process automation for clean applications