Key areas

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Optimizing efficiency is a core skill at Fraunhofer IPA. The research scientists have decades of experience in automating and optimizing production processes, as well as in making them more flexible. Several years ago, they started applying their knowledge of medical engineering and biotechnology to medical topics. Various areas of the healthcare system have since been analyzed.

This identified many areas - from work in the laboratory right up to the manufacture of new drugs, from preventive healthcare right up to patient care - where money can be saved. This would help to assure affordable and, at the same time, optimal medical care for tomorrow’s patients.

Our expertise in medical engineering and biotechnology are divided into the following areas:

  • Medical Engineering: the focus is on humans and their locomotive system
  • Ergonomics at the workplace (exoskeleton). Prostheses manufactured with the aid of generative manufacturing
  • Biotech & Pharma: this aims at manufacturing products from biotechnology efficiently and in high quantities, e.g. cell therapy medicinal products,
  • Laboratory IT: laboratories are data factories
  • Clinical Diagnostics & Medical Treatment: developing application-specific solutions
  • Quality & Regulatory Affairs: risk assessment and security in product and process development
  • Cleanliness in life science industries: developing a guideline for the cleanliness of medical products
  • Production and Process Optimization: designing value streams for factory planning

From work in the laboratory right up to the manufacture of new drugs, solutions and savings opportunities can contribute towards making preventive health care of tomorrow affordable.


Medical Engineering

We develop innovative solutions for efficient quality-assured medicine in a clinically-orientated environment.


Biotech and Pharma

We develop solutions for laboratory automation and ensure that manufacturing processes meet high quality standards.


Clinical Diagnostics and Medical Treatment

Working together with clinical and industrial partners, we develop automation solutions and innovations for medical engineering and biotechnology applications.


Quality and Regulatory Affairs

We help you assess technical risks throughout the product development process – in order to safeguard our customers’ development projects and comply with regulatory requirements.


Cleanliness in Life Science Industries

We offer a comprehensive range of skills to derive targeted effective measures in an integrated cleanliness system.


Production and Process Optimization

We plan, design and realize value stream-orientated factory operation for manufacturing companies in the field of medical engineering and biotechnology.