Clinical Diagnostics and Medical Treatment

In clinical diagnostics and medical intervention, automation technologies are enabling the limits of manual possibilities are being overcome with the help of new instrument systems – and that is not just by using robots and manipulators. However, improvements are not just being made as far as instruments are concerned. Innovative technologies enable intelligent, self-regulating implants to be developed “from head to toe”. Automation technology is also providing tools for biotechnology applications in order to attain better-quality, efficient and sustained research results – and, of course, efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes. Closely intermeshed with the disciplines of engineering and natural sciences, we are in a position to develop application-specific robust solutions.

Our key areas in clinical diagnostics and medical treatment:

  • Devices & instruments
  • Software & control
  • Measuring & analysis systems
  • Process development

Since the Project Group for Automation in Medical Technology and Biotechnology PAMB was founded at Mannheim university hospital, Fraunhofer IPA has been able to expand its area of expertise in medical and biotechnical know-how as well as in clinical evaluation. Our customers and partners gain a huge benefit from this optimum mix of developing and implementing innovations in the field of medical engineering and biotechnology.

The project group is located right in the middle of Mannheim university hospital, which belongs to the medical faculty of Heidelberg University. The open atmosphere enables the group to gain access to and exchange information with all the medical and biotechnical facilities in the Rhine-Neckar region, which are among the largest in Germany and Europe. Through this close collaboration, we can offer the full range of services from first product ideas to clinical evaluation. Constant interaction with doctors, biotechnologists and users on the implementation of new automation technologies also lead to new product ideas and impulses for optimizing day-to-day tasks in the hospital.